Monday, February 21, 2005

January 24, 1973
In which I think about Narnia


English is my favorite subject. But when the teacher has the class analyze books -- well. If I ever write a book -- which I am hoping to do -- I plan on making it clear to the reader (and English teachers) that there is absolutely nothing to analyze). {Fantastic!}

The sky looks so pretty today. On the way to school I looked around and became dizzy with a kind of happiness I can't explain. The world is so close to what Narnia must be like. I can't wait 'til spring. I don't think I'll ever get spring fever -- Narnia fever is more like it -- because in the spring the colors and pure beauty of the Earth must be closest to Narnia than any other time of the year. {Your intense delight with the book by C. S. Lewis is well put in your writing.}

I remember that walk to school and seeing my hometown in a different way. It must have been a January thaw or something, but it is still with me, in my mind's eye.

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