Monday, February 05, 2007

December 31, 1974
In which I write about 1974 some more


Well, 1974 is almost over. Later I'll be sad, I'm too excited to be sad. I just conversed with Jeremy, his mother and father. My stomach doesn't feel quite right — all excited and churning.


I've calmed down now. Kevin and I are playing Crazy 8's. I've got to think of two pages of things to say now before midnight.

We went out to dinner tonight - to the Nordic [steakhouse]. Daddy mentioned calling England. I thought he was kidding. He kept on saying it and that he would pay for it. well, I was nervous and didn't want to call so he called and got Mr. B after quite a few rings and then I got on the phone and talked to Jeremy and his parents. I could think of nothing to say and kept on jumping from one foot to another. (That wasn't due to having to use the toilet either). Anyway, that was the most spectacular New Year Eve's present I've ever received!

Well, back to the review of my year. It ws pretty good. Again, it had a few ups and downs. Of course the top of the list is Jeremy, closely followed by England. Then third place is tied with so many others I couldn't begin to name them and be fair.

All in all, life was pretty kind to me. My very first real love ("I love you" kind of love) I hope it is my only love from now on. Jeremy is a wonderful person and I'm in Love with him and he loves me too (three, four etc [smiley face]).

A year ago tonight I was at Turner's feeling sad. Tonight I feel anticipation - wondering what next year will bring. College! My god! I'm going to college next year. Pretty soon (34 minutes to be exact) next year will be this year and this year will be last year. Strange! Unbelievable!

I hope I keep up this tradition — actually this is my second annual New Year's eve writing in my journal.

Resolutions? Made any? (yeah, learn how to spell!!!) Just like last year's to be myself, I guess. But moreso. I don't have the male sex to worry about (except my male).

I've decided not to worry about my figure. It is good enough for me I'm sure that I have other qualities that make up for my bosom.

I've made another decision — a very important decision — to take up Special Education and go to ECC one year and finish up at Northeastern.

I met a bunch of superfantastic people this year, especially Chris King, Nigel, Mr. and Mrs. Burgoyne, Mr and Mrs. Chadwick, Sue B., Julia T., Kathy and I forgot - oh dear. Renee and Nancy, all the kids at TAP. I've also met myself. That was the most important meeting I've had. I must live with myself all my life. I'd better like me.

My best friend left for Spain this year. (now 15 minutes left in it!) Sad parting. I had a great time with her in other years. I guess in our growing up we grew apart.

Lori and I became close and then apart. I think that this year has made me harder, yet softer in some ways.

I think I've come back to God. I lost him a while ago — I don't know exactly when. Jeremy has helped me find religion.

I've decided to be cremated. Grotesque to think about now - but one never knows.

I decided to marry Jeremy and have his baby (or two). All the time before I wouldn't dream of having a kid. (pain and embarrassing).

I played Guitar a bit this year (last year too).

I turned of age this year. My god — only 10 more minutes of 1974.

I love you 1974. You have been so kind to me. I hope you have a nice trip to wherever you go after...

Hey — there will never be another 1974. It is unique. So am I — everything is — in their own way.

I will treasure 1974 in my heart forever.

As last year I will litter the back side of this paper with memories of 1974.

I love Jeremy. (1974 - thank you for giving him to me, Farewell! (5 min left))

One thing that I didn't mention about this year was Betsy's death. She was a friend from junior high - we were not close anymore, but at one time were friends. In junior high she began wearing a wig. Wigs were fashionable then, so I assumed she just liked wearing the wig for show. I made a remark once at the lunch table that she lookd better with her real hair.

I discovered a year or two later that she wore the wig because she was going through chemotherapy. She had leukemia. She died during the visit of the British students in April. I remember Lori telling me about Betsy's death after I told Lori about the fun I'd had on a trip with the British students.

It pains me that I was so selfish. A fellow student struggled for and lost her life and I didn't even have the decency to document it, let alone visit her in the hospital or even go to her funeral.

December 30, 1974
In which I list all the highights of 1974

I guess that it is about time for my run-down of the year nineteen hundred and seventy-four AD

I think I will try a month-by-month review:

January: Began working at Ben Franklin, broke old specs & got oval wire rims, Greg began taking me to school, Dan T's B'day party [drawing of present]

February: Ears pierced

March: Rock-a-thon, Sue "sister" B.

April: Vilma & others, Chris, JEREMY, Vilma leaving, C. S. Lewis & J. R. R. Tolkien Festival, The Sting, The Great Gatsby, Marcia's Party

May: Planting Eric, The Creek, Other Parties, Good-bye, First love letter from Jeremy, Prom

June: First Airplane ride, England! Telephone call to Jeremy, Reunion of two lovers

July: Proposal, France, Scotland, Lake District, Flamborough Head etc, Parting & tears #2

August: 18 years old! Goodbye to Cindy

September: A senior!

October: -----------------

November: Northeastern, Hank's death

December: J.R.R Tolkien Calendar & Call to Jeremy

It seemed as if 1974 was a good year for me. It is funny to note that I crossed out the r in lovers to make it loves. Perhaps lovers meant something to physical for me. I don't remember who Hank was whose name I crossed out before the word death.

December 26, 1974
In which I list my Christmas presents and rearrange my room

10:54 pm

Pam was over today. It was nice to see her. My gifts were:

  • 2 JRR Tolkien calendars (I'm sending one to Jeremy)
    • 1 from Renee & Nancy
    • 1 from Mom & Dad
  • Mel Meyer gave me a cosmetic case and change purse in matching colors
  • Sue B gave me a memo board of the sea
  • Lori S. gave me a bottle of Intimate Cream Sachet
  • Kevin gave me a tin of biscuits (bickies)
  • I got a lavender toga nightgown
  • Purse
  • Book (The Hollow Hills)
  • Book of Sweets
  • Embroidered lion - very Aslanish
  • white blouse
  • rosebud earrings
  • silver cross from mom and dad
  • Both grandmothers gave me $10
  • Aunt Pat gave me $5
  • Jeremy sent me a bracelet
I got a letter from Jeremy today. I replied very harshly. I don't want to discuss it. I wish we were together. I'm cold.

I changed my room around today.

There is now much more room.

I remember many of those Christmas gifts. I still have the Embroidered Aslanish lion, in fact it is in the other room.

December 14, 1974
In which I write a bad poem and fairy story about love


I don't know why I am writing tonight. Because I feel like it I guess. Good reason.

I wish I could write a poem
It is a great ambition for me.
Words don't come to me,
As they do for some.

Once, not too very long ago a young princess lived. She lived in a beautiful house with two wonderful parents and a great kid brother. Her life was quiet and full of peace. That was before...before the prince charming stopped by for directions to the next castle. As soon as the princess and prince saw each other they knew that they loved each other. Now that the princess has found love her life is in a constant turmoil.

Not much to say about this entry. I guess I felt in turmoil and needed a different way to express it than simple teen angst.