Thursday, June 08, 2006

January 30, 1974
In which Greg re-enters my life


4:06 pm

I didn't have time to finish my last entry. Anyway -- last night I wrote Deb a long note. I told her not to forgive me if she didn't want to and that I still wanted to work on the staff.

Last night at dinner, Helen Turner called. She had something important to tell me. As a matter of fact Greg P. is living in Elgin, at his grandmother's. Greg P. is also attending Larkin High School. Greg P. is also picking Dona Patrick up in the mornings and taking her home after school! Greg is a doll! I can't believe it for one tiny minute yet. He is just too good looking for dreams! Wow!!! And he is my friend!.


Greg was cute, that's a fact. He'd gotten in some sort of trouble at his home school, so his father sent him to live with his grandmother and attend Larkin until he shaped up or something. He and I were in kindergarten together. I don't remember him much from kindergarten though.