Monday, December 03, 2007

July 26, 1975 In which I think about Jeremy leaving


I've just counted the days til Jeremy leaves. Fourteen was the number that came up. I'm more frightened of the actual day than being lonely afterwards. I think my mother is trying to tell me something so I'll be off.

I remember dreading the end of our visits so much that the last few days were ruined by it. My mom said it was to prepare each other for our eventual deaths. Gee, thanks Mom.

The Unicorn drawing was done by Jeremy. I was a big fan of Unicorns back then. (along with most other teenaged girls I imagine)

Friday, July 25, 1975 In which I think about the passing of time.

Jeremy is down playing pool with Mark Olson. This is probably the first time we've been apart long enough for me to write a lot.

Trouble is is that I haven't much to write.

The time has gone fast. I guess I knew it would -- I remember that I once had a philosiphy that time goes on no matter what the instance or feeling.

I think my philosophy was more like, time goes on at the same pace, no matter the instance or feeling.