Thursday, September 08, 2005

June 18, 1973
Letter to Grandparents

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Hi there, Please excuse my "beautiful" writing paper, (and ink) but it is all I have with me at the moment. You'll never guess where I am writing this at --- In the apple tree in my back yard. I find this the most beautiful place in Elgin practically. Mother and Kevin are in the yard but don't know I'm up here. Just a few seconds ago a pair of birds (they sort of looked like pigeons) landed below me and sat and talked for a while. I probably should be down, helping them pull weeds -- but it is so comfortable up here. The wind just blew and rocked the branch, causing it to sway and move. The only thing not good about me being up here is the branch my behind is on. I know that when I get up I will have a sore gluteus maximus. I had better climb down now, my bed is still unmade and I have washing and ironing to tend to before I leave for Driver's Ed. (I drive for the first time today -- the last time I was to drive it was called off).

June 19, 1973
7:10 pm


Back again more than twenty-four hours later. I just finished reading my American History. School is ok -- only the fact that it is summertime daunts it. (Is daunt a word?)

You wouldn't believe all of the things that reminds me of Chetek. I walk along the street and hear a sound or smell a scent that I maybe heard or smelled in Chetek and all of a sudden I am in higher spirits.

I have another love now -- England. I have some sort of Englandmania. I live England, dream England and read England. Right now it's a toss-up whether, when I get older, I find a rich Chetek guy or a rich English guy to marry.

Actually at the moment I must settle with poor painters (painters who used to be paperboys).

This was supposed to be an encouraging letter, and all I write about is me.

Well, some more about me!

My driving yesterday was rotten. When I get nervous I laugh. Yesterday I was very nervous and boy did I giggle. My instructor had me stop the car and he scolded me for not taking driving seriously. Then I pulled around and ended up on someone's lawn. I tell you it was rotten. Then, last night, daddy took me out (with the whole family of course) and I nearly turned the car over. I think driving is for the birds!!!!!!!!!!..........

Hi again,

This is a few hours later. Mom and Dad are at Ginny and Jack's fixing the refrigerator. Kevin is outside catching fireflies. I learned how to change a flat tire today in Driver's Ed.


The fact that I still have this letter means my grandparents never got it. I vaguely remember writing it, especially the part asking my grandparents to forgive the paper and ink. I once read a letter my mom wrote to my cousin while he served in Viet Nam. She apologized for using notebook paper so I suppose I thought that was an appropriate way to begin a letter.

After my grandfather died and my grandmother moved to Elgin, I visited the Chetek house a couple of times. On one visit I found a letter I had written to my grandparents in a book belonging to my grandfather. He had corrected all of my spelling and grammar mistakes with a red pen. That gave me a really odd feeling. Kind of angry, but it also made me smile.