Sunday, January 13, 2008

December 31, 1975 In which I bid adieu to 1975

10:49 pm

An hour and 11 minutes 'til 1976. Another sad New Year's Eve. 1975 was a good year as years go. I've got that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I'm saying goodbye to an old and dear friend soon.

I'll bet that if I read every New Year's eve entry they all sound like this one.

  • January 1975 - Learned that Jeremy was coming for sure
  • February - [something scribbled out] Started watching Monty Python
  • March - Sent Jeremy "Wolf" pendant
  • April - Big snow
  • May -
  • June - Graduation
  • July - Jeremy / Minocqua
  • August - 19 / College / Phone call Jez, Cindy
  • September -
  • October - Work
  • November -
  • December - Phone call from Jeremy
I guess this wasn't the most busy year, but it was OK. Nothing really terrible happened to me. This Holiday Season was for the birds though. I had my first "holiday blues year". I hope I don't have any other. Although it was mild, Christmas didn't thrill me so much -- I guess my problems at school as well as work didn't help much. For anyone reading this in the future :-) I'd like to resolve my hatred for Mr. Lehr. He was a pretty good guy after all -- actually I don't really think I deserved what I got - a "B". I more like deserved a "D". D for Dumb. The other grades surprised me too. 3 "A"s and a "C". I guess I'm not doing so bad after all. Maybe next semester I'll make the Dean's list.

I wonder if I can write enough to fill up the next page. Probably not.

I wish I wasn't tired always. In 50 minutes I shall say goodbye to 1975. I'd better write to my love.

I'm back. I've just remembered what else I can write about - my resolutions.

  1. Get up early (no more than 8 hours sleep!)
  2. Study well in school.
  3. Don't procrastinate
  4. Try not to waste time
  5. Be more friendly
  6. Don't be bitcy to Jeremy
  7. Keep up on letter writing
  8. Keep up on journal writing
  9. Always do something worthwhile
  10. Keep track of every penny spent and don't spend foolishly
  11. Cut down on meat if not altogether
  12. Pick up after myself
  13. Take care of my things better (teeth, contacts, room, cat, hair, nails etc)
Well that just about covers it -- Just try to be my ideal person I guess. Now I think I can do my artwork on the back.

Goodbye 1975! I'll miss ya!

Welcome 1976 -- Hope we will get along, we've got 366 days to go!

[back of last page in book written in magic markers and every which way]

1975 Memories

"Monty Python"
"Masterpiece Theatre"
19 years old
Narcissus & Goldmund
Watership Down (1/2)
Late nights <---- clothes pin people ------->
Mr Lehr :-)
Catching Bouquets

I've never much liked New Year's eves. They've always felt more sad than hopeful to me.
Those resolutions look a lot like the ones I try to keep every year. Not much changes in 30-something years, I guess.

Mr Lehr was my American History instructor at the community college. He had the audacity to expect us to study. I didn't and got a few Fs on quizzes. I finally figured it out and began studying.

November 5, 1975 In which I don't know what is wrong.

11:30 pm

I can't sleep. I wrote to Jeremy earlier and I've nothing to say.

I don't know why I can't sleep -- I should go and get some warm milk. Then I'll be off to dreamland in an instant. I feel like I should be doing something, but I have every right to be in bed doing nothing. I am anxious now and upset. About what though? I don't know. I'm worried about how I am going to get home two weeks from now -- isn't that stupid? My stomach is churning. I wonder what I am upset about. I wish I was rich. I don't have any problems -- I think about people that do.

What to get people for Christmas? Stupid. Why worry -- November 5 only. My head is whirring. I should order [a] sampler.

Jeremy wants to read this. Should I burn it? What is the use if I do burn it. So much has gone on from green cover to brown cover.

I have to make my graduation notebook.

I don't like MP. She doesn't really care about other people. MB is stupid.

Why don't I ever write in this book? School is OK. This year went by so fast. I am going to England in 250 days. Am I really going alone? CJ hasn't written to me. I miss her.

Soon I will begin another theme book. I wonder if I should use that marble one.

I don't remember this. And I never drank warm milk to sleep. I thought it tasted awful. I guess I also thought it sounded like something a cultured person would do, so I wrote it in here.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

October 27, 1975 In which I contemplate the future Dona

11:oo pm

Needless to say, I haven't written for a long time. One month! I want to finish this before the new year. I wonder what it will be like, looking back at this mixed-up journal in twenty years. I've gone from age 16 to 19 in these few pages. From my first real boyfriend to my fiance . This journal has traveled with me on the farthest journey I've ever been away from home and it's always been at my side. I don't know if I've ever slept anywhere without it. And what do I have to show? Not much writing, I'll grant that.

Will this stuff interest me in years hence? Will I say, "Oh, yes I remember Jeremy, I thought I was in love with him" or "Oh Jeremy, remember this?" Que sera sera whatever will be will be.

I haven't even mentioned I'm working at Zayre. Nothing much to say on that subject -- it's money.

I'm going back to England this summer. I am, that is, if I can keep the money. I don't know about myself and my debts. Soon though that money will build up and up in the account and I will be rich.

Don't recall writing this, but I do recall wondering what future selves would think of my journals.

Zayre - I was a jewelry clerk. Zayre was like K-Mart. I sold costume jewelry.

I did get to England that summer. Airfare must have been low or I was a pretty good saver.

Regarding Zayre: From Wikipedia: (this is classic as we said back then)

Regarding Zayre: From Wikipedia:The original name of the company was "Zayre Gut," which means "very good" in Yiddish. Not having enough money to pay for a sign that included both words, ownership instead installed the first word "ZAYRE" to the front of their building with the intentions of adding the "GUT" later. However, the company became branded as "ZAYRE" and the owners feared that adding the second half of the name might confuse customers.

September 27, 1975 In which I lose my temper and rearrange my room.

I'm nineteen. One year older than my last entry. That was just fort he record. I've just written in my English journal. It's a hard thing to do -- keeping two journals and a journal letter. Never mind.

I had a bad start to a pretty good day. Jeremy's present came -- broken. I screamed and called him stupid for not wrapping it better and saying how better I was because I wrapped his present better. Then, after I cooled down I looked at the gift. It was beautiful -- two little bunnies in bed. One asleep and one wide awake. I thought how I could fix it and three hours later had it pretty much repaired. Then I came up to my room and found (in the attic) the mirror "shadow box" and put it up and put all my "knick-knacks" on it. Then I changed my room around because I wanted room for my poster that had to be moved because of the shadow box. Anyway, my room is in an uproar.

I remember that day well. I think most of my family remembers it too, including my cousin Bob. I had a helluva temper back then.

I, just now, spent 20 minutes searching in the newall for the ceramic rabbits in bed figurine, but didn't locate it. I wanted to post a photo. It is 30+ years old after all. And I still have it. Somewhere.

August 18, 1975 In which I write about Jeremy


Why can't I write in here regularly. It is not because I don't have lots of time.

Twenty-three days have passed since the latest entry. Jeremy drew the unicorn during those final two weeks. I think I had been upset about my room or something. Jeremy is gone now. He left August 9th at 9:30 pm.

The bus station was a riot. They -- Jeremy and Neil -- were supposed to leave at 8:05 and they didn't leave until 9:30.

The pictures are still at the Nelson's. I am hoping they come soon.

I am trying to gather enough courage to get a job. I need one. There is no doubt about that. If Idon't get to England next summer Jeremy will never forgive me.

While I don't remember writing this or the bus station, I do remember photos of the bus station. I remember Neil. I'm not sure who he stayed with, but it might have been Sue Burkart.

I don't recall needing a job, but since I ended up getting one, I guess I did.