Friday, May 04, 2007

July 14, 1975
In which I write about Jeremy's visit


10:20 am

It is surprising that I have not written about Jeremy yet. He arrived here 12 days ago on July 1. We left for Minocqua on the 3rd and got back yesterday. All-in-all the time has been great and my love for Jeremy has grown with each passing day. We have had arguments - or "fall-outs" which usually were instigated by my awful temper or moods. I do love him though - there is no doubting that fact. Cindy may be coming back to Elgin - we got a post card from her and couldn't make it out. That will be great!

Got to go now - my mom is wanting breakfast. (actually this probably says -- my man is wanting breakfast now that I look at it again.)

Cindy's handwriting was usually difficult to read, so that's why the post card was indecipherable, I suppose.

June 26, 1975
In which Stephanie visits again


Stephanie was over today. She's out here for a few days.

I wish I could think of things to say when she is here, but I guess I'm afraid of sounding like a prude or something. She told me that the man she is living with isn't the one she married. It doesn't matter to me one way or another -- as long as she is happy, I suppose.

She has a book for me to read. She wants to stop over before she leaves to meet Jeremy.

She has once more invited me to come out to California. I hope that someday I can make it. I'd like to visit all the states at least once.

The book Stephanie loaned me was Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse. I think I still have it.

I did eventually visit Stephanie in California - about eight years later when we were spending time in LA.

June 22, 1975
In which our tv dies


11:06 p. m.

I am not angry now. :-) I am sort of nothing. Lightening struck our T.V. antenna tonight - no Monty Python's Flying Circus. :-(

I went to Bill & Sue's picnic today. Actually I am tired.

I'm pretty sure that this was the lightening strike that set us on a
year-long involuntary TV fast. Maybe my folks couldn't afford a new one?

Bill and Sue - that would be Bill P. and his first wife. His parents were
my parent's best friends. Don't remember the picnic.

Interesting to note - I got married exactly 10 years later.

June 16, 1975
In which I am angry and hate my hair-do


I am angry. I've got a tightness in my stomach. I have no reason to be angry. Why do I get angry? My pants are uncomfortable. They don't bend much.

I am angry because mother won't take me downtown to pick up my watch. She didn't like it anyway -- oh, that's not true. Why can't I write neatly when I'm upset? Why can't I write neatly period? Why won't this darn feeling leave? Why won't it pass from my body like it did that time with Sue?

Why do I not like my hair? I parted it on the side for a change and Mom & Dad both liked it. But I don't. If I change now they will accuse me of not liking just to spite them.

Don't remember this. Don't remember the time I got over anger with Sue. Don't remember parting my hair on the side.

June 12, 1975
In which I write a bit about my father


Father -

A masculine, happy man is my Dad.

I hardly remember him in the first few years of my life. His appearance wasn't sudden. He sort of melted into the picture.

Considering what's become of my father, this is a bittersweet entry. I wish I'd written more at the time. I think I did write something somewhere, about my relationship with my dad. It will be interesting to read it if I find it.