Sunday, February 20, 2005

January 22, 1973
In which I begin writing for an audience and discuss Narnia

For the next several entries I will be adding comments made by my 9th grade English Teacher, Mary Sliger. They will be in red and inserted into the text of the entry with {} marks.

From now on I will be keeping this journal every day. Miss Sliger (my English teacher) has told us to keep a journal and write in it the last ten minutes of every day in English. She doesn't realize that last year I wa so happy to get Mrs. Hoke for English because she had people keep journals but she never did with us - so this is really my dream - to let someone else read my thoughts without grading my spelling or grammar. {That makes the whole assignment worthwhile! I'm so happy you're happy.}

I have so much to write about. To get one thing off my mind - I went skating with Gary. He called me a couple of Thursdays ago and asked if I wanted to go. I was sostunned at his call I said yes and disaster struck. He did the same thing to me as he did a hundred times last year - pretended to enjoy my company but skated with all the girls under the roof except me. On the way home I told him I never wanted to see him or hear from him again as long as I lived. Now almost every time I think about him I cry! {I know the feeling - time will take care of it.}

Grandpa had his foot amputated. Ever since it happened I have had nightmares every night. Then I find myself in his arms crying. {That is sad, but please try to remember the saying about the rose bushes}

We had Cinder spayed and declawed. She seems like a "new person" now.

I just finished The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. I cried and cried until I had no tears left and then I cried some more. I want to meet Mr. Lewis so much. I have looked everywhere to see if he is still living. The librarian said she thinks he is and Miss Sliger doesn't know. I wish I knew someone who read them so I could compare my feelings and thoughts about Narnia with them. I wonder if Heaven (I'm not too sure I believe in Heaven) is like Narnia.{Very interesting.} Maybe it is Narnia. Whatever, it is - fact or fantasy - I love it very much.

I remember being excited that someone was going to read and comment in my journal. I would have loved blogging back in 1972, wouldn't I? I think Mary Sliger was ahead of her time. She was just out of college and very pretty. She had very long brown hair that reached past her waist. I think she had a lot of innovative ideas that were not always welcomed at the school. My parents went to parent night and said that one of the parents of a child in her class was on the school board and verbally questioned some of her teaching methods. I guess Miss Sliger calmly explained her objectives which left the school board member quiet.

My love for Narnia has continued to this day. I've taught it in schools - religious and secular - and have even corresponded with Lewis' step son, Douglas Gresham in emails. I thought I discovered the religous me at one time, but it turned out to just be me getting some attention in an email list I belonged to. Years later I visited Lewis' church and gravesite as well as his home, the Kilns.

Narnia is now going to be a movie and I've been participating in a "fan bulletin board" online. It is odd to see so many people who loved Narnia as much as I. Where were they in 1973? (well, most were not born yet). I am not expecting the film to capture the Narnia I loved, but do welcome it as a chance to see it through someone else's eyes.

Ms Sliger

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