Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14, 1977 -- In which I learn a better new word, count down the days for something and wish for a job


106 days & 22 hours & 41 minutes to go.

Let's see -- my new word today can be abase (abâsé) v.t. humiliate, lower, degrade. ~ment n. She abased him by calling him that name.

So there -- I knew I had better taste in words. I was abased at yesterday's word.

Today I spent lots of time at school waiting for 1:00 to come for my appointment with the work-study lady. I hope I get this job -- even though it is for only two months, it's something at least. Then I can get another one soon?

I did have a work-study job in the library at ECC. I wonder if that is what the appointment was for. I liked that job -- it should have pushed me into being a librarian instead of a teacher.

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