Saturday, March 14, 2015

June 13, 1977 -- In which I reveal my new diet


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16 days left!

On the preceding page (to the left) is one of my many Ziggy cartoons. I'll be pasting them in my journal from time to time and writing about my feelings. Ziggy -- the "born loser" seems to sum up many of my feelings.

This one is a good introduction to my vegetarianism. All the time I've been a vegetarian I don't think I've written anything down in here. I could write a lot because I don't write about it to Jeremy. As a matter of fact, I haven't even told Jeremy about it at all. He's just got to be surprised. But I don't think he will be exactly overwhelmed -- he's probably seen it coming.

I'm worried that he will take sides with Daddy and tease me about it. But I must prepare myself. I have found, though, that since I know a lot more about it than some, I don't get as upset than if I were uninformed. And now that I've got a ready reason, people don't bother me as much. I think that if I follow the diet like I should I'd be very healthy, even more than by eating meat. I hope so -- I can not imagine myself eating flesh ever again.

I remember liking Ziggy comics but not that I cut them out of the paper. I remember becoming a vegetarian (I was one on-and-off in my early twenties and thirties) this time -- possibly because I accidentally ate raccoon at a picnic.

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