Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 31, 1976 -- In which I claim I'm lazy (future self says not so)



Sundays are my Dona days. I devote the entire day to me. Today I slept late, ate a late breakfast, took a long hot bubble bath, washed my hair in the sink and dried it in the sun, watched the television, made brownies, ironed my clothes (and a few of mom's) did a bit of mending, watched more TV, wrote to Jeremy, and am now to sleep a good sleep.

Trouble is, nowadays every day is a Dona day. I wish I weren't so selfish. I must stop being so lazy -- or I'll end up like my Aunt Pat.

I have an idea -- each time I write I'll write about a certain person and my feelings towards them. I'll begin tomorrow with myself, for I am the closest to me.

  1. I dislike Halloween now, what happened to make me dislike it when I obviously used to like it?
  2. It sounds like I had a rather busy day. I did a lot more that day than I do nowadays.
  3. I'd probably be like my Aunt Pat if I weren't married to Mr. Neat and Tidy
  4. Ha -- how funny that I was going to write about my thoughts about people -- looking ahead, I never did do it -- not until my 365 blog that I never finished.

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